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I just realized that my Selling Real Estate without Selling Your Soul Blog-to-Book set has been out nearly a month and I haven't yet publicly thanked the entity(ies) who made it possible! Bad bad Jennifer!

For the uninitiated, a Blog-to-Book is just what it sounds like - where you take your collection of online blogs, stick them between two covers and voila! You have a book!

And that's exactly what I did in 2013. I sorted through the 800+ blogs I'd written right here on ActiveRain starting in 2006, picked out my 300 or so favorites, organized them chronologically and by general topic and published a two-volume set. 

Wow! It was quite a journey down memory lane*. Not just what I'd written, but the comments and subsequent (sometimes heated) discussions! Oh my, what fun we've had over the years! I don't blog nearly as much as I used to and gosh, I miss you guys! 

Anyway, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the AR Gods and the AR community who made my Blog-to-Book project possible. In fact, I'll repeat here the dedication from Volume 2 and hope the Powers that Be here in the Rain see it and realize how grateful I am that you genuises created this special world for us real estate-types to congregate, communicate and at times, commiserate! 

"I dedicate this book to the founders and community of ActiveRain ( Without you, this book would not have existed! In fact, the Sell with Soul message might never have reached beyond the walls of my office without the platform of ActiveRain to help spread the word. 

Thank you, thank you!"


* Here is a list of just a few of the blogs included in the set...remember these? 

  • Real Estate is Not a Numbers Least it Doesn't Have to Be
  • Gas Prices Too High to 'Waste' My Time with Buyers? Oh, Puh-leeeeaze!
  • How Can I Compete with a Minimum Service Company?
  • Any Idiot Can Give Their House Away - If Price is All That Matters, What Do They Need Us For?
  • I'm Your Friend, So I'll Be Honest with You!
  • What's the Best Way to Ask for Referrals? Don't
  • Even if They Don't Complain, Sellers Notice
  • Does Your Friend Owe You a Courtesy Call If She Hires Someone Else?
  • Real Estate is a Relationship Business? Not Exactly...
  • Introverts - Stay IN Your Comfort Zone!
  • The Seller Has a Friend Who Will List It Really Cheap
  • 41 Listings in 30 Days? Let’s Do that Math...
  • Listing Presentations: How to Lose Them from Hello!
  • No, I Won’t Reduce My Commission! Do You Expect Me to Work for FREE?
  • How to Talk About Your Real Estate Career—without sending your audience running in the other direction!
  • How Do I Talk My Buyer out of Low-Balling?
  • Open Houses—“How Do I Get Contact Information from Visitors?”
  • If Real Estate Is so Easy, How Do You Justify Your Fee?

It's Here!


The More Fun You Have Selling Real Estate, the More Real Estate You Will Sell! 
(True Story)
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