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The 2010 Real Estate Cyber Convention & Expo - Guess Who's a Keynoter??

Cyber Convention

(Before we officially get started, I must note that as of this moment, I have 999 subscribers to my blog... who will be Number 1,000?!)

Now back to our regularly scheduled program...

Last year, I "spoke" via video at the 2009 Real Estate Cyber Convention & Expo about my favorite topic - "Selling to Your Sphere of Influence - No Sales Pitch Required!" It was my first ever such project and while I, of course, saw all the flaws and flubs and fly-away hair-do's, it apparently went over quite well.

So well, in fact, that the Real Estate Cyber Society (the nice folks who put on the Cyber Convention & Expo) asked me to be a Keynoter at this year's event! This year's topic? "No More Doom & Gloom- Let's Get Ready for the Real Estate Boom!"

The Convention & Expo starts on February 21st and runs through the 27th. It's an online event (thus the word "Cyber" in the event name), so your admission fee gives you free access to all the festivities day or night. There are four Keynoters (me, Lawrence Yun, Michael Russer and Randy Eager), along with at least 50 other well-known speakers, including Dave Beson, Dirk Zeller, our very own Jeff Turner, Jim Kimmons, Mollie Wasserman... and a whole bunch more.

You can also visit dozens of cyber "booths" where you can register to win prizes and free goodies, just like a real convention - except that you don't have to leave home to attend! (Now that's MY kind of event - convention-ing in jammies!).

I think there are special offers if you register early - a discounted price and some free bonus goodies. I also have a limited number of free passes ('cause I'm so special) that I'll think of some creative way to distribute.

But anyway, just wanted to share the news with my AR friends - hope you'll stop by and see me at the 2010 Cyber Convention!


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