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Is There Only One Path to Success in Real Estate? Uh, no. Duh. So, why...?


In mid-May, I spoke at the F.C. Tucker CE Extravaganza in Indianapolis. I was one of four speakers who each delivered a 2-hour CE-approved presentation on a topic (hopefully) of interest to the crowd of 250 or so real estate agents.

The first speaker of the day was Michael Russer - aka Mr. Internet. He talked about Dominating Your Online Market. Up next was Dirk Zeller who spoke on The Top Ten Things to Build and Grow a Successful Real Estate Team. Then me, talking about Turning For Sale Signs into Paychecks. Last, but not even close to least was the delightful John Hamilton who kept the audience awake after a long day of classes with his lively discussion on Negotiation.

Four different speakers. Four very different voices. Different philosophies, messages, approaches and strategies to accomplish basically the same goal - success as a real estate agent.  

After my presentation, several audience members pulled me aside to tell me that they loved what I had to say and that my message resonated with them "more than the other speakers' did." Now before you think I'm just telling you this to gloat, I'm 100% positive that the other speakers had similar post-program conversations.

And that's cool. Because you know what? There isn't one path to success in a real estate career. No, not even "mine." There are a gazillion different personalities who enter this business and it seems patently obvious that no One Approach Fits All is going to, well, Fit All.

But I guess it isn't obvious to many corporate real estate training directors. I can't tell you how many agents write to me in frustration that their office pushes a certain brand of training (usually affiliated with one or another Big Name trainers), to the exclusion of any other approach. These agents are usually asking me for advice on how to break it to their brokers that they are followers-of-SWS and won't be knocking on doors or begging their friends for business, but this dilemma applies to any agent, regardless of their preferred prospecting style.

In fact, every once in awhile I'm approached by a real estate broker/owner asking if I'm interested in helping him or her put together a SWS-based training program. Am I interested? You betcha. But I always tell the broker/owner that I don't think it's a good idea because not every agent is a good fit for Selling with Soul, and I hate the thought of my beloved philosophies being shoved involuntarily down anyone's throat.

So, first, hat's off to Kathy Collings and F.C. Tucker for bringing in a variety of voices to speak to their agents about successfully selling real estate.

And second, if you're in charge of your company's training program, please give some thought to offering your agents a variety of training philosophies; not just the one that resonates with you, or is, ahem, highly recommended by corporate. You might find your agents happier, more productive and more likely to stick around! Everyone wins!!

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