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Yesterday, I got a call from a former client of mine. She was one of my biggest investor clients during the Denver real estate boom in the late 1990's, but has since left town and no longer invests in the Denver market. We stay in touch and she sends referrals my way when she can.

Anyway, she called asking for my help in appealing a low appraisal her brother received on his home he's trying to refinance.

No problem, I tell her. I pull the comps, confirm that the appraisal is ridiculously low and email her the information, which she forwards to the lender handling the refinance. The lender calls me, asks for a little more information, including a copy of the tax assessor's record, which I immediately fax to him. He emails me the low appraisal and asks for my input which I provide. I explain in detail why the comps the appraiser used are inappropriate.

He thanks me profusely and tells me I'm awesome. I smile.

From the time my client called me to the point I evaluated the appraisal for the lender, about 90 minutes passed. All in all, I spent maybe 25 minutes of my time. Piece o' cake to do.

The moral of the story... this is pure SOI in action. Do you think I'll need to constantly remind my former client that I LOVE Referrals? Uh, no. I'm her real estate resource in Denver, no question about it. Because I dropped everything and helped her out right away, she knows she's a high priority for me. She knows she's special. I don't have to tell her, I showed her. And I won't have to remind her.

This is pretty simple stuff. But what if I followed my buddy Dirk Zeller's advice and put her off until later in the day (or even tomorrow) so I could finish up my prospecting or other more critical work? I mean, isn't it way more effective to pester ten strangers than to take care of one person who has already proven to be a source of business for me?

What do you think?

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Comment balloon 17 commentsJennifer Allan-Hagedorn • April 25 2007 08:07AM
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