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Creating a Low-Drama Real Estate Business - The Favorit-est Tips!

dramaDid a neat little show earlier this week in the SWS Virtual Studio called "Creating a Low-Drama Real Estate Business!" You can read more about it here.  

As we often do during SWS Teleseminars, I asked the audience to tell me what their favorit-est tip from the show was - what they learned that made them say "Wow! That's the most brilliant thing I've heard all day!" or something to that effect. 

Well... I have tallied up the results and here they are:

Favorit-est Tip #1
Recreate your belief system about your business, and therefore, your reality. Write down (on an index card) what you DON'T like about your business and turn it into an affirmation of what you'd like instead. For example, if you're frustrated that your transactions fall apart so often, you would write on one side of the card something like: "I hate it that I work so hard on my deals and then they fall apart." Then, on the other side, write: "It's amazing how often my transactions stay together even when problems arise. I love being able to solve the problems or even head them off before they become potential deal-breakers." Put your affirmation in YOUR words; words that feel natural and make you feel good when you say them out loud. And watch your reality change like magic! 

Favorit-est Tip #2
Change your beliefs about what your reality is and get more of what you want. But if you hold onto negative beliefs, you'll get more of what you don't want. "Worrying is praying for what you DON'T want!"

Favorit-est Tip #3
Watch Your Language. Stop complaining about your clients and telling dramatic stories about all the things that are going wrong. While it can be entertaining to share horror stories, it might be creating more of them to tell, which is NOT what you want! 

Favorit-est Tip #4
Bask in your successes. When something good happens; when you do something right; when you're feeling proud of yourself... take a moment to ENJOY the moment. Relish it, luxuriate in it, appreciate it. FEEL how good you're feeling!  

Favorit-est Tip #5
Don't take overpriced listings! 'Nuff said. 

Favorit-est Tip #6
Appreciate a negative experience for the lessons learned, take steps to ensure it doesn't happen again and move on. No need to dwell on mistakes or be traumatized by them.

Favorit-est Tip #7
When presented with a problem or dilemma, ask yourself if this is truly your problem to solve. If so, stay calm and visualize the perfect resolution and work toward it. If it is NOT (and that will often be the case), gracefully decline to take responsibility for the problem and politely hand it back to the person whose problem it IS to handle. (Related Reading: the Declining the Monkey series).

If you'd like to listen to the entire show, you can purchase a recording of it at the SWS Bookstore, or join Club SWS and have access to the full SWS Virtual Studio archive!



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