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If things go as planned, my next book will be released sometime in late April... so this week's show is a sneak preview of what's in that book and, frankly, a little pre-release marketing to boost pre-sales! (How's that for transparent?)

As the title implies, we're going to talk about choosing the right prospecting methods for you - or, as the subtitle of my book promises "Discovering the Perfect Prospecting Strategies for Wonderful, Extraordinary, One-of-a-Kind YOU."  Because you ARE wonderful, you ARE extraordinary and you ARE one-of-a-kind! And your approach to building your business should reflect that. 

Because you know what? You CAN choose which prospecting strategies you're going to implement - and which ones you'll reject. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks you should do, this is YOUR business and you can (and should) run it your way. In fact, you'll be far more successful, not to mention happier, if you figure out what works for you, what you enjoy doing and what you're good at. 

Sounds obvious, doesn't it? But so much of our training pushes just the opposite - that we need to do things we dread doing; things that embarrass us or make us uncomfortable if we're to have any hope of succeeding. 


Anyway, on March 31st, we're going to talk about this and much more, and I'll walk you thru some self-evaluation exercises to help you strategically figure out what prospecting methods are right for you at this stage of your life and career.

Join us?

Date: Thursday, March 31st, 2011
Time: 8:00am Pacific / 9:00am Mountain / 10:00am Central / 11:00am Eastern (try to show up a few minutes early to log in or dial in)
Duration: 60 - 75 minutes
Equipment Needed: A computer with a high-speed connection and speakers or a telephone
Cost: Free to attend live, but you must register below.



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If things go as planned, my next book will be released sometime in late April… so this week's show is a sneak preview of what's in that book and, frankly, a little pre-release marketing to boost pre-sales! (How's that for transparent? ) … more
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