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Selling Real Estate Without Selling Your Soul (A Free SWS Teleseminar)

It was such a hit last year that we thought we'd do it again... A show about selling real estate without selling Free Teleseminaryour soul!

This Thursday morning, I'll have two SellWithSoul-minded real estate agents who follow SWS principles and are - gasp - SUCCESSFUL! Even though they aren't selling their souls to make it happen!

My guests will join me in the SWS Virtual Studio and tell you how they run their businesses without resorting to icky, cheesy, intelligence-insulting tactics. How they've done it their way, using techniques and strategies that feel right to them, that don't make their skin crawl or reduce them to smiley-faced, cheesy real estate hucksters. How they've resisted the pressure of their brokers, trainers and associates to Suck it Up and Just Do It in the interest of generating business... if that "it" is something they don't feel comfortable doing.

Here are some of the topics my guests will address:

  • Is it possible to be "soulful" from Day One, or is a certain level of Old School practice a necessary part of getting started?
  • What prospecting activities have you been encouraged to do, but refused?
  • Did you ever consider doing and/or implement any prospecting strategies that conflicted with your gut? If so, what was the outcome?
  • Have you ever gotten flack from your broker for not being willing to implement prospecting techniques you were uncomfortable with?
  • When things aren’t going well, do you ever question yourself as to whether or not you should continue doing things your way, or if maybe your gut instincts are leading you wrong?

Be assured, this is not a sales-pitch for any SWS program or product. Just an hour or so of intelligent, common sense discussion on ways to succeed selling real estate without becoming someone you don't recognize... or even much like.

Join us?

Date: Thursday, October 27th, 2011
Time: 8am Pacific / 9am Mountain / 10am Central / 11am Eastern
Duration: 60-90 minutes
Equipment Needed: Computer with high-speed Internet access or a telephone.
Cost: Free to attend live, but you must register below:




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It was such a hit last year that we thought we'd do it again… A show about selling real estate without selling your soul! This Thursday morning, I'll have two SellWithSoul-minded real estate agents who follow SWS principles and are - gasp -… more
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