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"Do I Really Have to...?" Of course not, BUT...

Do I Have to?

I teach real estate agents how to sell more real estate. Go, me.

A lot of my teachings emphasize a Quality over Quantity approach as opposed to the Good Old Numbers Game - in other words, treat your clients and prospects as if they're special to you; as if their business is really important to you. Seems kinda like a real DUH-concept to me, but the nonsense preached in our industry is ... ah well... I won't go there today.

Anyway, I'm often asked by my students if they "really have to..." do whatever it is I'm advising them to do, specifically when what I'm advising them to do will take more time than doing it a "more efficient" way.

My response? "Of course not, BUT..."

Here's an example... I advise agents to handwrite the addresses on any mailed communication to their spheres of influence. So, recently an agent asked me if he "had to handwrite his because he has over 400 names in his SOI database."

My response? "Of course not, BUT... do you agree that handwritten envelopes have a better chance of being opened?" The agent concurred that they did. I continued, "And if you're going to spend the time and money writing and mailing to your SOI, you'd like to make as big of an impression as you can with your time and money?" The agent again, concurred. "So," sez JA, "do the best you can, realizing that every envelope that gets opened gives you one more shot at a $10,000 paycheck."

Another student asked me if she "has to" (as I recommend) preview competing listings prior to a listing appointment.

My response? "Of course not, BUT... don't you agree that the more you know about the seller's local market, the more knowledgeable and confident you'll be when you meet the seller?" The agent concurred that she would. "And if you're going to take the time and energy to go on a listing appointment (not to mention whatever time, money and energy she spent GETTTING the appointment), you might want to give it your best shot?" Again, the agent agreed. "So," sez JA, "do the best you can to prepare, knowing that your competition probably isn't, and give yourself the best shot at getting that $10,000 paycheck."

This is fun, so how about one more?

JA asks (herself): "Do I really have to put up all these open house signs?"

My response (to myself): "Of course not, BUT... don't I agree that having more open house signs as opposed to fewer open house signs might bring in more potential buyers?" Yes, I concur. "And if that's true, doesn't it make sense that if I'm going to spend my Sunday afternoon sitting in an open house; I might as well bring in as many potential buyers as I can?" Of course. "So, self, do the best you can and give yourself every opportunity to enjoy a $10,000 paycheck for your efforts." Well, okay.

So, do you "have to" do more than you absolutely have to? Of course not. BUT...


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