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What Does it Mean to Prospect with Soul (or conversely, to Prospect withOUT Soul)?

Prospecting with Soul... that's the name of a six-week Workshop I'm hosting that kicks off September 13th and goes through the end of October. And yes, there's a cost to participate and I suppose by writing this blog, I'm hoping you'll be interested enough in the Workshop that you'll consider participating. But that's totally up to you (well, duh, Jennifer, of course it is) - I won't be pushing or pitching it on you; if it's right for you, you'll know it.

Anyway, what do I mean by "Prospecting with Soul?"SWS Daisy

Those who know me know that I'm not an airy-fairy, new-agey, karma-obsessed kinda gal. I'm actually pretty practical, so when I talk about doing Anything with "Soul" I'm not referring to anything, well, airy-fairy, new-agey or karma-obsessed!

The back cover of my book defines SELL with Soul as:"To enjoy a wildly successful career selling real estate by treating clients and prospects respectfully, as you yourself would like to be treated."

So then, what does it mean to PROSPECT with Soul?

It's quite simple. Basically, you don't subject your audience to a sales-pitch that would irritate you if you were the audience. You don't use prospecting strategies that wouldn't work on you, or that make you feel icky. When you Prospect with Soul, you come from a position of confidence drawn from the conviction that you are the Best Thing that Could Ever Happen to this Prospect.

When you Prospect with Soul, you never feel icky. You don't worry that your audience is dreading or is irritated by your approach. You never feel the need to apologize for your prospecting activities.

Which, I guess, probably makes it clear what I mean by Prospecting withOUT Soul. When you Prospect withOUT Soul, you do unto others stuff that would annoy you if done unto you. You ignore your gut when it tells you you're doing something icky. You have to psyche yourself up every day as you head into your blocked-off prospecting time because you absolutely dread it. You're starting to suspect that your audience (particularly your precious sphere of influence) is getting tired of you.

Most real estate training programs encourage, even celebrate Prospecting withOUT Soul. They tell us to suck it up, just do it and assure us that we'll get used to, even enjoy, all the rejection we'll encounter. They push us to venture way out of our comfort zones with dire warnings that if we refuse, we'll fail miserably.

But it doesn't have to be that way. You can prospect for business using strategies that feel good, feel right and, um, WORK.

And that's what the Prospecting with Soul Workshop is all about.

If you've gotten this far on today's blog, you're probably feeling one of two emotions:

One, you're certain I'm full of krap and are rolling your eyes in disbelief that it's possible to effectively prospect without annoying people - after all - annoying people is an integral part of the game.


Or two, you know I'm right.

If you know I'm right, but want to know more, please join me on
Wednesday for a free info-seminar on the upcoming
Prospecting with Soul Workshop.



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