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The WORST Emailed Sales-Pitch I've Ever Gotten

I'm on a roll. Late last week, I posted a blog about the worst open house I've ever visited; today's Worst Of topic is a sales-pitch I recently received via email.

Here it is, in all its glory...

Dear Jennifer,

Okay, I'm at the end of my rope. Either you just can't recognize a great offer when you see it, or I'm just not smart enough to realize that I'm wasting my time taking all the risk so you'll at least TRY .

I'm serious about this. I'm sitting here almost in tears because I can't seem to get across to you the life-changing benefits you're missing out on by not trying my new low-cost option,

First, I sent you a free demo. I also sent you extensive information about the benefits has brought to nearly a million people, all over the world, including many of the world's top personal and spiritual growth leaders.

Finally, wondering if money might be the problem, I created a much lower-cost option for you, .

But still, despite all my pleading, and all my attempts to convince you, you've done nothing.

You know, it continually amazes me how a person can be looking for a solution to a life problem, and can have that solution placed right in their lap, and still not take advantage of it.

Please don't sabotage yourself from making the positive changes you want to make. is SO effective, and so easy to use, and has such a long and impressive track record. Please, do yourself a favor and at least give it a try. What do you have to lose? If you decide it isn't for you, I'll refund your money.

It's just $49.95. Take a chance. Please don't just sit there stuck in cement, continuing to experience the same problems and challenges. Go to  
and get started on changing things for the better.

I'll tell you the truth. My wife told me I shouldn't send this email to you. She thought it was too strong. But my entire career has been about helping people like you, and I just had to give it one more try.

Are you a lost cause? Or are you willing to give a try and find out that it really will be the best decision you've ever made? 

Be well.

I think he should have listened to his wife. And I told him so right before I unsubscribed to his newsletter.

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