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Have You Checked Your Email Signature lately?

Okay, since you're back from a splendid (rainy?) holiday weekend, here's an easy assignment for you to ease back into the groove.

Send yourself an email. If you use an auto-signature, check it out. If there's a link, does it work? Seriously, lots of ‘em don't. Is your contact information up-to-date? Everything spelled right? Is there one of those annoying boxes with a red X in the upper right-hand corner (that's supposed to be a fancy-schmantzy graphic)?

If you're a SWS follower, is there a Referral-Begging tagline you forgot about? 

I get emails from real estate agents all day (and all night) long and I see these issues often. Don't give anyone any reason to believe that you're anything other than an Absolutely Fabulous *RCHB!

Okay, back to work. Have a great week!




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*RCHB - Reasonably Competent Human Being

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Have You Checked Your Email Signature lately?
Okay, since you're back from a splendid (rainy? ) holiday weekend, here's an easy assignment for you to ease back into the groove. Send yourself an email. If you use an auto-signature, check it out. If there's a link, does it work? Seriously,… more
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