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Happy Birthday 2008 - Writing my Acknowledgements

First, I want to thank Loreena Yeo for her early morning birthday wish to me. What a doll(face). Tee hee (inside joke). bday 

I have a quiet birthday for myself planned... or not planned as the case may be. I'm attending a 3-hour training session at RE/MAX to learn all about the revised Colorado real estate contracts and then will probably get some take-out sushi and curl up on my couch with the pups and a good movie. Yeah, that actually sounds blissful to me!

However, life goes on and so does my to-do list. I need to get the final version of the 2nd edition of Sell with Soul to the typesetter, so I figured that sounded like a fun thing to do. And, it was!!!

First, I tackled the "Reviews of Sell with Soul" page. I printed out a big stack of comments from my beloved readers and typed them into my master document. Now, THAT'S something everyone oughta be able to do to celebrate their birthday! Talk about a huge ego-boost. I smiled and laughed and maybe even shed a tear or two in sheer wonder that anyone would take the time to thank me for writing a book. While being a famous writer may not pay the bills as well as I'd like, the emotional benefits of it are tremendous. Way more important to me than dollars & cents (most days).  

So, after that heart-warming activity, it seemed like a good time to tackle the Acknowledgements page. And that was fun, too. So many people have contributed to this journey, even several who have no idea of their contributions and it felt good to publicly thank them.

But, then, I got to the final group I wanted to acknowledge and got stuck. I really really really wanna thank every single person who has made this journey special and that includes dozens, if not hundreds of Active Rain members. I started making a list and was quickly overwhelmed into paralysis. Biggest fear, of course, was that I'd forget someone and that would just be wrong.

I'm still trying to figure out a way to get y'all in there, but for now.... I hope you know who you are and how much your support has meant to me.

Okay... off to my perfectly peaceful private & personal birthday celebration!


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First, I want to thank Loreena Yeo for her early morning birthday wish to me. What a doll(face). Tee hee (inside joke). I have a quiet birthday for myself planned… or not planned as the case may be. I'm attending a 3-hour training session at RE… more
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